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KATLENBURGER Winery Dr. Demuth GmbH & Co. KG is a family-run company located in Lower Saxony, and at the same time Europe’s leading Fruit Winery. Now already in the 3rd generation, we are processing finest juices from both domestic and exotic fruit. The result is beverages of exceptional quality. In the product segments we are operating, our brand KATLENBURGER is the most popular and well-known brand within Germany – from Fruit Wine to Coolers, Mead to Cocktails and Fruit Mulled Wines. All over Germany our Wines, Fruit Wine Cocktails etc. can be found on supermarket shelves. In addition, the demand from foreign countries for products from Katlenburg is also continuously on the rise.

We steadily focus on the needs and requirements of the consumers – our customers, and guarantee highest quality which can be tasted: this is our promise to you. And that we achieve this show the various awards of the German Agricultural Society (DLG), where a wide range of our products is awarded with prizes annually.

Therefore, that also in the future you can expect high quality products from us, our family guarantees with its name.

Klaus Demuth
Klaus Demuth · Geschäftsführer