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DLG (German Agricultural Society) awards KATLENBURGER 'fruity pleasures' repeatedly

Altogether 19 products of KATLENBURGER Kellerei were awarded for their outstanding product quality with the sought-after medals of the DLG. ­As many as never before.

DLG (German Agricultural Society) is leading in benchmarking the quality of food and drinks. 20.000 products are evaluated every year. In the centre of the quality screening by DLG is the sensorial analysis of the drinks (appearance, colour, smell, taste and harmony). During the examinations, the focus is on the selection of raw material, as well as optimum production process  and preparation. Extensive laboratory analysis and inspection of declaration top off the quality examination. Tested products which meet the high quality criteria are awarded with the 'DLG Award' in either gold, silver or bronze.  
With six golden medals, 12 silver and one bronze DLG Award, KATLENBURGER Kellerei has received the highest number of Awards since its existence. The treasured medal in gold was awarded for Strawberry Wine, semi-sparkling Strawberry Wine, Exquisit Rosé, MEAD Honey Wine, Hot MEAD Honey Wine and Cherry Mulled Wine.
The Awards are result of our intensive orientation on highest quality standards, from the selection of raw material, across oenological proceedings, right up to bottling and distribution. 'Considering the increasing product variety, it is important to assist the consumer when making a buying decision, based on neutral quality statements' comments Managing Director Klaus Demuth the Awards. 'Particularly in the food trade it is important to position oneself as a provider of quality with a clear product claim. The Awards reassure the consumer that our products consistently correspond to highest quality requirements and guarantee optimum taste.'. 

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