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KATLENBURGER Winery invests in quality assurance and safeguarding the future

The KATLENBURGER Winery has made numerous investments in the past two years and renewed most of the machines of the production lines. The most spectacular innovation is a labeling machine which has been brought with a heavy-duty crane into the bottling hall.


The KATLENBURGER Winery has started last year with the innovation of the production and invested in a depaletizer from Autefa, three new carton erectors from Krones, a CO2-carbonisation unit from Cavitator and a paletizer from Langhammer.
A unique “ancient tootsie” is the existing labeling machine from the seventies which is replaced by a new model from Krones. The new machine with a weight of 13 tons is traversed with a heavy-duty crane round about 45 meters above the bottling hall in high altitude and brought through the opened roof into the production line. Klaus Demuth, Managing Director, underlines that this is an effort which isn’t done every day and connected with a special thrill.
The new labeling machine implicates a higher production velocity as well as lower rebuilding times and improves the quality of the labeling at the same time.
Also our bottle packer which has meanwhile packed millions of bottles into cases is one of the old guard. It is now changed by a new packer from Transpak. This new machine guarantees that the bottles don’t abut and the smoother handling of the products avoids sites of fracture and cracks in the glass.
These investments in the millions will bear fruit and effect an increase in efficiency and energy saving; Managing Director Klaus Demuth and plant manager Gerhard Hallas agree to.
The family-owned company KATLENBURGER focuses besides the high quality standard also on the reduction of energy consumption and conservation of natural resources.
Sustainability is an important point as the nature is the base of our products and our success, confirms Klaus Demuth.
A further investment which is planned for the beginning of 2011 is the building of a new warehouse on the premises at Osteroder Straße. KATLENBURGER quality is asked for worldwide and therefore enough room for the storage of the KATLENBURGER products must be available.
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