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‘The exceptional’ as factor of being successful
on German Christmas Markets

KATLENBURGER Winery gives insight into Christmas market business – demand for fruity quality products is on the rise

THUMB_KATLENBURGER Kellerei Das Besondere auf Weihnachtsmärkten (Mittel).jpg

What would the holiday season be without a visit to a Christmas Market? The tradition of Christmas Markets in Germany dates back to 1434, when the ‘Dresdener Striezelmarkt’ was mentioned for the first time and thus considered the oldest Christmas Market in Germany. Christmas Markets in these old days just lasted a couple of days and – apart from some food - provided practical supplies for the cold winter season. Nowadays, Christmas Markets last throughout the so-called ‘Advent Season’. Aside from traditional German handicrafts like nutcrackers, wooden figurines and stars made of straw, Christmas Markets are a good place to sample a whole array of real Christmas treats:  gingerbread biscuits, baked apples, roasted almonds and last but not least Glühwein, a hot and spiced wine.

Consumers in 2011 are asking more than ever for high quality diversity in the mulled wine segment. CEO Klaus Demuth:” As for the Christmas Markets we notice a growing demand for our KATLENBURGER Hot Wines – although the temperatures are still rather mild. Customers directly approach us for our awarded fruit wine products. Just because we focus on rather unique and high quality winter specialties, we distinguish ourselves from the producers of traditional winter drinks. And thus we can serve the growing demand for variety with premium quality products. “

The Christmas market in Braunschweig also has a stand this year promoting the original KATLENBURGER Cherry Fruit Mulled Wine. Upon inquiry a regular visitor explains: every year we walk the big round until we come to this stand, because Cherry Mulled Wine simply tastes best here. Try for yourself. And my friends, who are visiting Braunschweig only for the Christmas market this year, shall leave with a good impression of the town.

Solely the product range of the family-owned company whets the appetite for the upcoming holiday season: delicious, DLG awarded Fruit Mulled Wines in the flavours Blueberry, Cherry, Apple-Cinnamon and Sloeberry-Elderberry. Highlight this year: the new Swedish Mulled Wine counterpart Beerenglögg, made of fine berry wine – unique around the globe.

“Of course we are pleased about the development that Christmas markets increasingly focus on good tasting and high quality products” says Klaus Demuth.  "With this in mind, Christmas is even more of a delight."

The exceptional is prepared: one of the largest Christmas pyramids in the world in Karlsruhe indulges with highly awarded Fruit Mulled Wines from Katlenburg.


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