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News 2008

This year DLG-Awards were given to our cooler-range, the new KATLENBURGER Premium Sparkling Wines and our fruit wine cocktail range “you well”. This awards confirm our philosophy of quality and are our commitment to keep producing high-quality products with their genuine natural and fruity sensation of taste.
For years organic products are in line with the current trend. Repeated food scandals and the growing discomfort of the consumers at the use of natural resources increase the demand for natural finished products. Again and again we fulfill the resultant consumer needs by offering a cherry wine and mead honey wine, as well since 2007 a plum wine in organic quality. In the current DLG inspection for organic products 74 products were tested in the product group wine. The only two wines awarded with DLG-gold originate from our company and also the third wine was awarded with bronze. This excellent achievement shows that our consistent orientation on highest quality results in best products.
The fruity pleasure! The claim of the family-owned company brings it to the point: located right in the geographical centre of Germany, everything in this winery revolves around fruit. Tasty Fruit Wines, Fruit Wine Coolers, Fruit Mulled Wines and trendy Cocktails are by now produced in the third generation and the outstanding product quality is awarded year by year. Thus, the market leader is offering 'fruity pleasures' for young and old.